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Social Retail Success  - Where Profits Grow!


To be the best provider of business intelligence and consulting solutions to Social Retailers using Comment Sold™.

What we do

Social Retail Success (SRS LLC) helps on-line Boutique owners that use Comment Sold™  identify opportunities to increase profitability, sales, and new customers. We analyze your business from the inside out, combing the latest in business intelligence software/data and industry expertise.

Our Mission

Provide invaluable insights to Social Retailers using the Comment Sold™ platform with the industry's best analytics and expert analysis. To empower Social Retailers with knowledge and strategic advice focused on their unique business.

More than Tech

SRS has over 20 years of experience in the Technology, Retailing and Logistics industries. We apply knowledge and proven techniques to expose cost-saving and profit growth opportunities unique to your business. No two Boutiques are alike! 

Who are we

How it works

Comment Sold™

Using data provided by Comment Sold™, we've created a suite of analytics designed to help profit more! With over 12 months of testing and development, our system will change your business. PERIOD!


Pricing is available through your Comment Sold Account Strategist or valued partner. Contact us for details.


Subscribers receive a complete suite of 4 dashboards (Sales,  Inventory, Profitability & Customer Data) along with custom goals tracking setup. You also receive web and mobile app access with daily updates from Comment Sold. 

No commitment, cancel anytime.

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How it works
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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Anch

Social Retail Success has developed a full suite of advanced reports and analytics. Those include:


  • Order Profitability - Our analysis will shed light on factors that impact gross margin. We will show you how pricing, discounts, shipping, and fees all impact your business. This analysis is powerful!

  • Summary Profitability - Over time, seasonal and other factors can impact your profit from month to month. This analysis shows those swings over time and can prepare you for the change in seasons.


Customers & Sales

  • Customer Acquisition - We will look at how often customers order, the amount they spend, your net profit and provide guidance on marketing investments to maintain a profitable customer relationship…and grow your business! Are you converting registered customers into buyers? How long do you have until you lose interest? We will answer those questions.

  • Lost Customers - This analysis will look at the total number of customers who have purchased over the past 12 months compared to the number of new customers who have purchased. This analysis will identify what your customer churn rate is. This is a key indicator of business growth and health. Customers who have registered but not yet purchased will also be reviewed.

  • Customer Loyalty - What percentage of your sales (monthly and overall) are from customers who have purchased more than once? This will help us understand the loyalty and customer acquisition costs. This cost is a key indicator that will tell us how much you can spend on marketing and still profit over the life of the customer.

  • Coupon Analysis - Every Boutique uses coupons and discounts in different ways. Based upon the client interview we will custom develop analysis to measure coupon effectiveness.

  • Payment Gateway Use - Sezzle, PayPal, Square or Stripe…what your customers use and the average size of their order may impact strategic business decisions in the future. Are the fees you pay worth it?

  • Channel Analysis - What platform (FB Live, Mobile APP, Website) is performing the best and under what conditions? We will review the information for historical trends and provide insights as to what you can expect in the future.

  • Top Customer Analysis - Let's look at a detailed analysis with measurements about your top customers. Including sales by day, orders by day, sales by month, orders by month, coupon use by month and more.



  • Inventory Analysis - We will review inventory levels compared to sales. Based on your business priorities we will custom develop analysis to help you grow your inventory to meet sales or shrink to free cash and space.

Below are just 3 of the 34 powerful reports and analysis we provide. 

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Daily Salesjpg.jpg
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